Locals Share Mixed Reviews For Michael Buckley's Live! Performance

Meriden resident Michael Buckley had his daytime talk show co-host debut this morning on Live! with Kelly and the reviews are rolling in.

It was a quick hour filled with rapid-fire banter between co-hosts, celebrity guests and some bizarre foods, but at the end of it all Meriden resident and Xavier High School graduate Michael Buckley was still smiling.

And so were many of you who watched the one-hour Live! with Kelly show on Tuesday morning, although some of you were more critical of the local man's performance.

After a series of competitions held last week, Buckley won the right to sit next to Ripa on the set of Live! and act as her co-host or the day.

Just prior to going on stage, Buckley tweeted, "Oh.....My.......God........It is like today is my Olympics! I have been training my whole life for this! GO USA!!!!!!!!!"

When it was over he shared this with his Twitter followers: "Wow!!!!! That was so incredible!!! I can't even process how wonderful I feel!!! Thank you for watching!!! I will breathe in a few hours!"

Several local viewers from Meriden and Middletown had their own strong reactions to Buckley's performance and whether his excited personality injected life to the show or his charismatic personality was too over the top.

Meriden Patch Facebook page reader Eileen Cahill Horton had this to say about Buckley's debut: "When Kelly first joined the show, I knew she was the right one for the job because she was edgy, quirky and you never knew what she would say. The exact same thing is true about Michael. He's unpredictable and hilarious which makes you want to keep watching. Great job representing!"

Middletown Patch reader Karen Rodenbach wrote that she "had not watched much of Live with Kelly, since Regis left as she (Kelly) fawn's over everyone. It is nauseating." But Rodenbach tuned in Tuesday to see how Buckley fared and here is her take on his performance: "He was fantastic. He brought a much needed variety to the show."

Middletown Reader Barbara Williams disagreed with Cahill Horton's and Rodenbach's conclusion.

"Michael Buckley was too hyper and tried to monopolize all the conversations with Kelly and guests. Will definitely not watch if he returns," Williams wrote.

Middletown reader M. Smalling said Buckley's banter was too "loud and over the top."

'I had to change the channel. Didn't enjoy the show at all, Kelly couldn't get a word in," Smalling wrote.

What do you think? How did Buckley do this morning? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Sarah July 25, 2012 at 01:41 AM
Would never watch the show again if Michael Buckley was on. A loud talking machine....who monopolized the stage....How annoying & not appropriate for a "guest host to act like that!"
bridget July 25, 2012 at 02:55 AM
I thought he was too loud and hogged the floor- speaking over Kelly often. That was a little irritating, however, toward the end he became a little more tame, and the times that he listened and did not speak; those were lovely. I think he was funny, sweet, and just a little too hyper. If he toned it down, he would be perfect!
Sean Sedgwick July 25, 2012 at 06:48 AM
I think the only reason he was so hyper was because he was incredibly excited to be there. The whole situation was overwhelming for him I'm sure.
MultoBene July 25, 2012 at 10:35 AM
LOVED IT!~He is PERFECT for the spot but I think he intimidates Kelly..heehee
Steffygrady July 25, 2012 at 01:11 PM
He was great and funny and I want someone who makes me laugh! if i want low key I will watch the news....I like the life he injects.... and if everyone remembers kelly was loud and a bit over the top when she started so everyone should just wait and see!
C. July 26, 2012 at 05:42 AM
I've been watching as I far back as I can remember long before Kelly came along...kelly is amazing and does a great job! I had to stop watching when Michael Buckley was on. Truthfully it pains me to say- if he co-host again or ever becomes permanent.... I will not be watching Live! again. He's is by far the worst co-host I could ever imagine. Has me questioning how, why, and who would choose him. Terrible disappointment.
AW July 26, 2012 at 03:30 PM
i thought he was great! Very funny and quick witted! Perhaps a bit nervous but who wouldn't be!! Would watch him if he had his own show. AW
michelle wilson July 27, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Very over the top. He needs to tone it down some. I had to turn it off.


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