Home Sold For $580,000 In Noank This Week

Groton property transfers from Jan. 3 to Jan. 15.

Dates below represent the day the property transfer was recorded in town hall, not the date of the actual sale.

Jan. 4

The Estate of Clara R. Martin, of 229 Black Ash Road in Oakdale, sold 266 Benham Road for $145,000 to Elizabeth M. Tetlow on Jan. 4.

Jan. 7

Tier One Development, LLC, of P.O. Box 127 in Mystic, sold 229 Godfrey Road, Lot 2, for $98,000 to Gerard A. Pothier on Jan. 4.

Jan. 8

Enid A. White, of 274 Elm St. in Noank, sold 7 Pegasus Drive for $158,000 to Justin C. Barnhill and Rachel L. Barnhill on Jan. 7.

Jan. 10

Kenneth T. Nash, Jr., of 22 Meridian St. in Groton and Jacqueline N. Legnos, of 101 Witch Meadow Road in Salem, sold 70 Cranston Drive for $106,000 to Deborah D. winters on Jan. 9.

Jan. 14

Jennifer L. Spellman, of 5 Riverbend Drive in Mystic, sold 99 Joe Avenue for $151,700 to Sean S. Pettay and Brianna R. Pettay on Jan. 8.

Jan. 15

Alan N. Hall and Darlene Hall, of 79 Corey Road in Canterbury, sold 21 Payer Lane for $387,400 to LaWanda H. Thompson on Jan. 15.

Jon Arruda, of 9 Bay St. in Mystic, sold 58 Nantucket Drive for $190,500 to Hideraldo P. Cirino and Grace M.J. Cirino on Jan. 14.

Gwendolyn J. Lamphere, of P.O. Box 182 in North Stonington, sold the mobile home in the High Rock Mobile Home Park at 21D Street (Lot 21D) for $50,000 to Travis D. Bogue on Jan. 14.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company sold 214-216 Mitchell St. for $72,000 to Barry Levine on Dec. 13, 2012.

Jan. 16

James P. Gilbert III, of 38 Crescent Avenue in Niantic and Shari M. Gilbert, of 14 Middlefield St. in Groton Long Point, sold 56 Crosswinds Drive for $580,000 to Vincent Mascitti and Maria N. Mascitti on Jan. 15.


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