Hostess Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Filing could affect the planned reopening of the Wonder Hostess Outlet in Meriden.


Hostess Brands, Inc., the company that produces Twinkies and Wonder Bread and owns the currently closed in Meriden – filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in court Wednesday, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Operations will reportedly continue as normal for the Irving, Texas-based company, but the filing could affect the Meriden store's reopening.

"Business will be conducted as usual for us," said Erik Halvorson, a Hostess Brands spokesman reached by e-mail Wednesday morning. "I don’t know of any direct impact (on the Meriden store) from the Chapter 11 filing, though a change in plans could always occur as a result of operational factors."

The Meriden Wonder/Hostess outlet at 1319 East Main St. has been closed for nearly a year – after heavy snow caused last February.

As , Hostess representatives said that the store would reopen, but the company did not yet have a date.

Prior to its closing, the outlet had sold discounted Hostess products in the city since 1955.

A "predecessor company" to the current Hostess Brands Inc. previously filed for bankruptcy protection in 2004, and came out of it in Feb. 2009, according to the AP story. 


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