Deep Fried Durham Fair

Deep frying the unusual and unexpected.

Check your diets at the gates, this year’s Durham Fair vendors have outdone themselves with interesting and unusual deep fried foods.  While fried dough and french fries are still favorites among fairgoers, they’ve got some serious competition this year.  The unusual and sometimes wacky deep fried fair dishes are what all the buzz is about these days.

Just past the entrance to the fair, the unusual deep fried foods begin to catch your eye, if not your appetite. S’mores aren’t just for camp fires anymore. Snow School in Middletown is selling the deep fried  treats just around the corner from President’s Hall (no longer open due to damage from last winter). What a delicious smell!

If deep fried S’mores aren’t your thing, how about some deep fried green beans? “Griff’s Onion” is offering an assortment of deep fried goodies like onions, peppers and yes, green beans.  Griff’s Onion is located near the Canfield entrance gate close to the Robert’s Dodge exhibit.

Beyond Canfield Lane, near Kid’s Place, you'll find “Deb’s Café” (sure to be a favorite with the kids).  Deb’s Café is dedicated to deep fried sweetness to satisfy any sweet-tooth.  They sell deep fried Oreo cookies, deep fried cheesecake, deep fried brownies, deep fried Twinkies and deep fried PB&J’s! Good luck keeping the kids from all that sugar!

Don’t forget to wash it all down with an icy Kid Freeze slush drink or, the Durham Fair favorite, Lime Rickey.


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