What's On Tonight? Craft Wars, Top Gear, NY Med

TV picks for August 21.

Dirk Langeveld is filling in for Elissa Bass while she is on vacation. She will resume this column on Aug. 28.

Craft Wars, 8 p.m., TLC

Three crafters compete for a $10,000 prize, with one of the challenges tonight being a food and wine theme display made from kitchen materials.

Top Gear, 9 p.m., History

Such a great show; the hosts are hilarious, the challenges they come up with to test the cars are clever and amusing, the—oh wait, this is a bastardized American version? And it’s on the channel that’s working overtime to make sure its programming has nothing to do with its name? Pass.

NY Med, 10 p.m., ABC

The second to last episode of this eight-part documentary series. This one follows surgeons working to repair the arm a collegiate swimmer seriously injured in a car accident, treat an infant with several heart abnormalities, and counsel the family of a man run down in the street. Elsewhere, a patient getting stitches in his hand serenades the ER doctor.


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