Last Chance: Nominate and Apply for MAC Arts Awards

Artist of the year nominations and student award applications both must be in to the Meriden Arts Council by Sunday, April 1.


We all do it. We all forget to mark our calendars for special events in our daily lives. So Patch has created a weekly feature that highlights a community deadline that is quickly approaching.  This week, the Last Chance column reminds us that Sunday, April 1 is the deadline for two Meriden Arts Council Awards: One for nominations for MAC Art Awards, the other for MAC Educational Awards.

MAC Art Awards - Residents of Meriden, Southington and Wallingford are urged to nominate someone they feel has made a great contribution to both the area and the arts for the MAC Art Award. 

MAC is looking to celebrate nominees who have had an impact in one or more of four areas: visual arts, literary arts, performing arts and "specialized" arts, which according to the group includes culinary arts, education, patronage and other support.

MAC Educational Awards - High school students graduating this year can apply for MAC Educational awards to help fund future formal training in the arts.

Grants are given to students who are involved in literary, performance or visual arts, according to the group's website. Applicants must live in Meriden, Southington or Wallingford. According to MAC: Candidates must show achievement in at least one of the arts, a desire to continue learning in that art, and proof that he or she plans to enter a formal educational setting to pursue that art form.

Applications and more information on both awards can be found HERE.

Previous award recipients according to the MAC site are:

MAC Art Awards

2011: Ellie Bender, artist, teacher; Chris Ivers, artist, teacher; John Kenney, poet, playwriter.
2010: Staci Roy, Arts Administrator
2009: Tom Mayer, artist; John Surowiecki, poet and educator
2008: Mario Cavallo, poet, educator and patron
2007: Rose Cignatta, artist and administrator
2006: Frank Lamphier, cartoonist; Nancy Whitcher, artist and educator
2005: Nicholas Scalise, artist; Warren Stephan, director and producer; Laura Van Wormer, novelist

MAC Educational Awards

2011: Emma Czaplinksi, Maloney High School; Steven Duschene, Maloney High School; Lauren Klein, Maloney High School
2010: Stephanie Duchesene, Maloney High School; Elizabeth Fraser, Maloney High School; Erin Hewitt, Maloney High School; Jesssica Swanson, Lyman Hall High School
2009: Kristen M Brazauski, Platt High School; Dannielle C Poulin, Maloney High School; Cody M Ripa, Sheehan High School
2008: Hannah Fraser; Alex Malanych; Eric Zeiser


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