Letter to the Editor: Crawford in the 33rd

Progressives, Liberals, Independents and Environmentalists Should Vote for Crawford in the CT 33rd.


I like a great deal of what Melissa Schlag has to say. I share many of her values and look forward to working with her; however, I believe that both The New London Day and the The Hartford Courant have made a serious error in their endorsement of her in the race in the 33rd Senate District. The election in the 33rd, as was the previous one, is too close to call. As is frequently the case in such elections, a vote for a third-party candidate often leads to victory by a candidate who doesn’t represent the values of either the voter or the community.  Art Linares is an inexperienced conservative ideologue who, if elected, would not protect the social, economic or environmental interests of our District.

I am a progressive Democrat who has voted for third party candidates when I believed that my vote would not contribute to a conservative victory. As a member of the Clinton Democratic Town Committee I am engaged in a constant struggle for a more progressive Democratic Party at all levels. l I have worked with Jim Crawford to advance legislation in areas where the needs of the people of his District and/or the State were not being served. I know that he will listen to the voters on the Shoreline and River Valley sections of the 33rd District.

In this close election all progressives, liberals, independents and environmentalists should band together in support of a Crawford victory. 

Alan Kravitz

Margy November 06, 2012 at 02:07 AM
I'm happy to support Melissa Schlagg. I think her independence will benefit all people in our district.
Bruce Farmer November 06, 2012 at 02:41 AM
Check the facts and the voting record of Mr.Crawford - In my opinion,NOT in favor of our districts residents or our businesses : He voted for the polluted land swap deal. He voted for the more taxes on the middle class. He voted for the prisoner early release program - a BIG security issue. He voted for the bus route to nowhere - cost millions and millions. More red tape and fees on businesses. Has NO plan for jobs or growing the economy or he would have said so at the debates ( I was at all of them ). His quote -mfg. jobs are NOT coming back to Ct. - really ! His quote - private sector jobs are doing fine - really ! Voted for the UCONN Bio-Med Center - no jobs for our district - Massachusetts Co. No incentives or tax breaks for any co's in our district. Voted for Malloy's tax hikes and spending initiatives. The list goes on and on !! Finally - the Political Club of Morgan asked Mr. Crawford what he would do to lower college costs - his answer was "not everybody should go to college" and he then talked about vocational education. The big issues are NOT addressed by Mr.Crawford (jobs,economy,taxes, spending). Chris Christie and Marco Rubio know Art Linares very well and they believe as I that Art will represent our district well.
cate November 06, 2012 at 06:41 AM
Environmentalists vote for Crawford?? This guy gets his marching orders from Eileen Daily. He's nothing but her lapdog. Daily obstinately and unwisely favored the Haddam Land Swap in the face of well thought out arguments against this boondoggle by many thoughtful people, including Melissa Schlag. Then Daily endorses Crawford after backstabbing Mary Ellen Klinck of East Haddam--one of Daily's earliest supporters 20 years ago--a classless move if there ever was one.Crawford voted for the Swap. Big surprise? He's nothing but a puppet on Daily's string. Send 'em all a message and vote for Schlag. She's got backbone and principles.
David Cassenti November 06, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Environmentalists for Crawford is like saying Capitalists for Communism!
Jay November 06, 2012 at 08:48 PM
bit more complicated but it would be fun is samperi got in - and watch him put in a closet up in Hartaford -Only the most desperate believes his rhetoric has any value.


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