Letter to the Editor: Shame on Linda McMahon

Westbrook resident says U.S. Senate candidate is attempting to buy her way into Congress.


Shame on Mrs. McMahon for turning to character assassination as a tactic in what should be a debate on the issues in the Connecticut Senate race. All the money that she has spent on photo enhancement and misrepresentation has only reinforced the impression that, for Mrs. McMahon, this is a government seat for sale.  The deception that her election can be translated into “cash” for the electorate through a bogus “calculator” is truly unconscionable. A senate chamber filled with the likes of Mrs. McMahon is a prospect of chilling proportions.

Jack Smith

Westbrook, CT

Jim in Durham September 19, 2012 at 06:23 AM
If someone who actually has created jobs in this state isn't "Quailfed" to be a US Senator I have a 2 word response- Al Franken . He wasn't even a resident of Minnesota and had recounts until he got the result he( and The Democrat Party) wanted .One thing we DO NOT need to send to Washington is Blumentahls Mini-Me, a professional politician who will vote for what he is told to. Everyone SAYS they want change but continue to elect party political hacks (largely Democrats ) who vote as they are told to . We need a change in DC ,and electing the present Democrat incumbants is NOT the way to move "forward" .
Ex Republican September 19, 2012 at 01:47 PM
I agree that she and her husband certainly seemed to create opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. through the WWF and WWE. A job is a job is a job!
Jon September 19, 2012 at 05:18 PM
If she has a legitimate case for running then let her make it. Instead she turns to tactics that are dishonest and should be illegal, cutting and pasting her opponent's face onto bodies from stock photos to paint him in an unflattering light. If this was a piece of satire by an outside party then fine. But she created fake photos and is presenting them as fact to win an election against that person. As a graphic designer, I recognized the photos for what they were right away, but many people will not be able to and they'll simply believe that the photos are real. It is underhanded, its disgusting and quite frankly i'm offended that this is how Linda McMahon feels like she should approach her constituents and win their trust and their vote.


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