Obamacare No Easy Pill to Swallow

Most of the mandates start in 2014, but the law will begin having an impact right now.


By Prasad Srinivasan

A lot has been said and written on this piece of legislation. The . The healthcare reform definitely has several components that will improve medical care. It ensures several guarantees and the peace of mind that goes with having these guarantees.

Eliminating the lifetime insurance payouts, eliminating the preexisting clause both for children and adults, and extending the age for dependents to stay on health plans will guarantee better coverage and peace of mind. The insurers needing to spend a minimum amount on healthcare delivery will also ensure better reimbursements and more coverage.

The insurance mandate still is a big concern. Most of these mandates start in 2014, but it starts having an impact right now. Most consumers can expect to see increases in premiums and copayments, because the underlying cost of healthcare is expected to rise. Since insurance providers have to make their benefits more generous, the cost of insurance will definitely rise.  

The impact of the rising healthcare costs will definitely be a huge burden on businesses, and businesses may not hire. Given the current job climate, both in our nation and in our state, this is very concerning. Experts in the field feel that consumers may still choose to opt out of the mandate, continuing to leave a large pool of consumers still without the much needed insurance.

The full implications of the ruling on our state is still being studied and debated. We are prepared, but at what cost to our small businesses the backbone of our state? This definitely is not an easy answer but as we continue to support reform measures aimed at providing the consumer with affordable quality medical care, and how not be a burden to our small businesses. This is definitely not an easy pill to swallow.


Republican State Rep. Prasad Srinivasan is seeking re-election to the 31st Assembly District, which includes Glastonbury.

Luther Weeks July 04, 2012 at 01:08 PM
The CBO estimates that overall the ACA will reduce costs. Partially because many will not be treated in emergency rooms, now at taxpayer expense. Heath Insurance costs will rise no matter what, the question is will they rise less with the ACA. The mandate and the accompanying requirement to provide coverage despite pre-existing conditions starting in 2014 can provide peace of mind to all of us, and will provide health care along will savings of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to those who otherwise would not be able to get insurance. That is the way insurance is supposed to work, many pay their fair share while those that get health problems are able to get health care.


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