Reader: Bartolomeo is Committed to Education, Special Needs Kids, Health Care for All

One Middletown resident says the candidate for the 13th Senate District may not yet be as well-known in the city as she is in Meriden, but she reflects the shared values of this community.


To the Editor:

I first moved to Middletown in 1983, long ago enough to feel I know and care about the community in which I've been living. It seemed an aberration when Republican Len Suzio won a seat in the State Senate, but it was a special election with low turnout.

Now we know more about the man, his politics and values as reflected in his voting record. He voted to cut funding for Meals On Wheels, puzzling in these difficult times; and funding for vocational schools, when unemployment among less-skilled school leavers is so high. He is known around the Capitol as the Tea Party senator.

In contrast, his Democratic opponent, Dante Bartolomeo, has demonstrated her commitment to education, to families struggling with special needs children, to the provision of healthcare for all, and much else, in her voluntary work and her committee assignments as Deputy Majority Leader on Meriden City Council.

Dante may not yet be as well-known here in Middletown as she is currently in Meriden. But she reflects the shared values of our community far more strongly than Mr. Suzio.

According to the Hartford Courant, he feels that his election is a sign that Tea Party candidates can win in Connecticut. No, not here in Middletown, this is not Tea Party country.

I.F. Guy, Middletown

Benjamin Belancik Jr. October 29, 2012 at 06:03 PM
While I understand everyone has their opinions. I really don't know Dante Bartolomeo as when I emailed her trying to get information she never responded and I also know that in Meriden she voted to raise our taxes, which happened and it's ashame as it seems like she is going to rubber stamp everything and will NOT cross party lines to work as Len Suzio. When I had a problem and went to her, she never responded but I contacted Mr. Suzio and within a few hours on a weekend he helped me get answers and even on a Monday morning he got me the answers that I needed. The only time I heard from Ms. Bartolomeo is when she wanted my vote, well I'm sorry why should I vote for someone who couldn't be bothered with an issue that also affected hundreds of people? I really don't want someone like that representing me.


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