So Long 'That's What She Said!'

Opinion columnist bids farewell and thanks readers for the fun ride.

Each week for twenty-two months I was given the privilege of submitting random columns on everyday sightings we often overlook. I’ve written about paying-it-forward, the fragrant bathroom odor of a particular Wal-Mart, people-watching in casinos and quirky dog behavior ... or any topic that sparked my interest.  

Fortunately, as the months progressed, so did my readership, allowing “That’s What She Said,” to be published in numerous Patch towns all over Connecticut. The beauty and gift of writing an opinion column are the wealth of topics screaming to be shared. How often do you really take a moment and laugh at simple, human, everyday living?                   

It’s the observations we witness when no one else is paying attention that I find most humorous and interesting. Just today, I saw an elderly couple bickering at Costco. It was as if no one else in their universe existed. Voices were slow, loud and drawn out, body language and facial expressions were exaggerated while displaying tolerance. I’m assuming this was perfected after years of ping pong verbals.   

Since I was young, writing was my passion, a salvation. Sure, other distractions came along the way, but the attraction and draw of words continued to pull the inked pen to paper. Whether I was writing in a tattered journal, a recycled spiral notebook, notes on a napkin or a laptop, the important thing was to always keep writing.  

And so I say, with an eager mind and entrepreneurial spirit, thank you! It’s time to branch out with no limitations, no boundaries ... free to print four-lettered profanities and run-on sentences. This will be my last column for Patch.  

My literary cohort and conjoined twin, Wendy, and I have decided to launch our own website/blog. Until now, the idea had been a whisper, spoken aloud only in our dirty cars with forgotten groceries and fading cell phone batteries.  

When an opportunity presents itself, we as individuals have two choices. We can let it pass, accept with regret while continuing to ask the “what ifs.” Or we can grasp the opportunity and take the unknown path labeled “Adventure.” I think the greatest obstacles are those we set on ourselves, so why not break from the mold, calm the inner voice and try?

Thank you to all my readers.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment of this worthwhile experience! Although our site, realandrandom.com is still under construction, save it as a bookmark and visit. Or feel free to email anytime, cami@beiter.cc or visit my Facebook page at facebook.com/cami.beiter

Ex Republican January 28, 2013 at 03:32 PM
I have enjoyed your sense of humor. Good luck!


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