What's on Tonight: Football, The Newsroom, Episodes

TV picks for August 26

Dirk Langeveld is filling in for Elissa Bass while she is on vacation. She will resume this column on Aug. 28.

Sunday Night Football Exhibition: Panthers at Jets, 8 p.m., NBC

Wait, now NBC gets to broadcast football? Does this mean they already played the game six hours ago?

The Newsroom, 10 p.m., HBO

To liberal viewers: a welcome return to the wit of Aaron Sorkin, and a welcome shot to the chops of the 24-hour news channels! To conservative viewers: liberal claptrap! To reviewers: a show with potential, but for the misogynistic undertones and irritating tendency for every “source” to be an old roommate. This has already been renewed for a second season, so hopefully they can make that course correction after this first season finale.

Episodes, 10:30 p.m., Showtime

Season two finale. “Merc threatens to leave Jamie for Carol when he discovers that his wife and Matt had an affair; and Sean is devastated when Beverly turns up at an awards dinner with a date.”


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