Meriden Blotter: DUI and Reckless Endangerment

Meriden Arrests for June 2-4.


Meriden police provided the following information on arrests and infractions. Inclusion on this list does not indicate a conviction.

June 4

  • Emily Sheppard, 34, 1051 Old Colony Road, Unit 24; disorderly conduct.
  • John Mansolf III, 29, 1051 Old Colony Road, Unit 24; disorderly conduct.
  • Jose Muniz, 34, 9 Gold St., Apt. 2; driving without a driver’s license.
  • Debra Young, 31, 207 Shore Road, Apt. 6; creating a public disturbance.
  • Lazaro Perez, 28, 67 Olive St., Second Floor; failure to have tail lights lit, driving with a suspended license.
  • Jamar B. Shaw, 29, 40 Cedar ST., Apt. 6G; disorderly conduct, third-degree assault.
  • Sandra Flores, 38, of Wallingford; creating a public disturbance, driving a motor vehicle without a valid license.

June 3

  • Hector Badillo, 37, 247 Cook Ave.; driving with a suspended license and traveling fast.
  • Naraeia Herbig, 32, 74 Linsley Ave., No. 1; driving with a suspended license, driving an unregistered motor vehicle.
  • Marixza Parker, 26, 8 Gold St.; seatbelt violation.
  • Leon Martin, 54, 372 Liberty St.; following too close, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Edward York, 47, 70 Parker Ave.; possession of drug paraphernalia.
  • Sharon Pipke, 65, of Terryville; failure to grant right of way.
  • Damian Lein, 35, 93 Silver St.; failure to respond to an infraction, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Dioniluz Clausset, 22, 30 Park St.; driving with a suspended license, seatbelt violation.
  • Jose Almodovar, 47, of 236 West Main St.; third-degree burglary, attempt to commit sixth-degree larceny and third-degree criminal mischief.
  • Thomas Orris, 20, 4 Sunny Lane; traveling fast.
  • Tiffany O’Connell, 25, 146 So. Colony St.; interfering with police, breach of peace.
  • Gary Huse Jr., 39, 336 Elm St.; breach of peace.
  • Randy Ellison Jr., 18, 75 Spring St., No. 1; interfering with police, disorderly conduct.
  • Debra Young, 31, of Old Lyme; risk of injury to a minor, sixth-degree larceny.
  • Christopher Hardisty, 48, of Cheshire; breach of peace, assault on an emergency worker.
  • Joshua Ayala, 19, 12 Pleasant St.; driving an unregistered motor vehicle, no insurance and driving without a license.
  • Lamar Carter, 32, of Bridgeport; traveling fast, passing in a no-passing zone and seatbelt violation.
  • Robert Mehtvin, 49, of 3 Pasco St.; attempt to commit first-degree arson, attempt to commit first-degree assault, threatening, third-degree assault and first-degree reckless endangerment.
  • Greisy Marroquilli-Salazar, 24, 110 Maple Ave.; seatbelt violation.
  • Lenroy A. Neysmith, 22, 117 Maple St.; talking on a cellphone while driving.
  • David Gonzalez, 52, 329 Hanover St.; seatbelt violation, failure to carry insurance.
  • Carlos A. Acosta, 42, 187 New Hanover Ave.; driving the wrong way on a one-way street and driving without a license.

June 2

  • Daniel Tripp, 28, 223 Broad St., Second Floor; misuse of plates, no insurance driving an unregistered motor vehicle.
  • Rocco Antolini, 22, of Plantsville; driving with a suspended license and failure to obey a stop sign.
  • Tiana Wilson, 29, of the Bronx, N.Y.; third-degree larceny, criminal impersonation, interfering with police, third-degree identity theft and credit card theft.
  • Nicholas Nieves, 24, 280 Hanover St., No. 2; falure to obey a traffic control signal.
  • Santos Ramirez Rivera, 35, 5 South Ave., No. 1; reckless driving, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and driving without a license.








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