Selectman's Illness Delays Decision on Divided Powder Ridge Parcel

The town has been offered $300,000 for the 19.6 acre property split off from the ski area earlier this year, but the Board of Selectmen has yet to discuss the offer.


Less than four weeks after Middlefield sold Powder Ridge ski area to Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort, the town received an offer from a resident interested in purchasing the town owned 19.6 acre parcel divided from the ski area earlier this year.

But town officials have yet to act on the offer because selectman Dave Burgess — the board's lone Democrat — is ill, according to First Selectman Jon Brayshaw.

"It's wrong for two of us to make a decision on this thing," Brayshaw said at Monday's board meeting. "I really want all three, it's a big thing."

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The seriousness of Burgess' illness or when he might return is unclear but on two occasions, including Monday, the offer was scheduled to be discussed by the board in executive session but instead was taken off the agenda because Burgess was not at the meeting.

"Anything that requires the wisdom of three rather than two, we'll put off until he's better," Brayshaw said.

Attorney John Corona, who represents the interested buyer and attended Monday's meeting, in part, to discuss the offer, said his client's $300,000 offer to buy the property is only valid if the sale can be closed by the end of the year.

"I think we need to make a good faith effort here," selectman Ed Bailey said in response to the request.

Bailey said he would not be in attendance at the next meeting but suggested that Corona meet with Burgess personally to get him up to speed on the offer so that the board might make a decision in early December.

In June, Middlefield's Planning and Zoning Commission approved the town's request to divide the property. At the time, Burgess did not support selling the remaining 226-acre property to Brownstone owner Sean Hayes because he said the $700,000 sale price was too low. He also questioned the the valuation of the divided property.

Under terms of the sales agreement between Hayes and the town, Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort has right of first refusal to the 19.6 acre parcel although it's unclear whether the company would attempt to buy the property.

The decision to sell the land, Brayshaw said, would ultimately be up to residents.

"It's going to take a town meeting," he said.

Another Opinion November 08, 2012 at 09:15 PM
$700,000 was rejected -- but $300,000 is being considered -- what is going on?
Scott Wheeler November 08, 2012 at 10:31 PM
funny thing is that the articule mentions nothing regarding the buyer, why, price, or use and we have concerns already. Any sale has to go to public hearing and there you will have all your questions answered and a chance to vote on it. Probably the same people that asked about it early on anyways.
Michael Hayes November 08, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Scott The offer for the property is $300,000. The use of the property would be subject to the town's zoning regs. There's no reason at this point to subject the interested buyer to any scrutiny, since only an offer's been made. You are right that should the board agree to move forward, the town would have the ultimate say.
Scott Wheeler November 08, 2012 at 11:54 PM
I should have worded my response differently, I was stating that we know nothing so why start a knitting circle since this will all be public soon enough. Everyone knew that offers would come in for that land, hell I want it. I support to use of that land myself.
Eyeman November 09, 2012 at 12:09 PM
The offer came from Lori Vogel-Brown. She owns the horse farm next door to the lot. She wants to use it to expand the horse farm. It isn't the same property as was offered for $700,00-that was bought by Hayes already. How could one building lot be worth more than $300,000? What could be a better use of the property? It is zoned residential/agricultural.


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