For Revenge or Love of Country

The last weekend of speeches and ads. Please let it end

Finally the campaigns wind down and tomorrow is the start of the end. Start, because I fear this process not ending tomorrow night. As close as many of the polls put it, there are sure to be some contested results, with recounts, suits filed etc.

I am glad that I live in a non swing state, even though it goes opposite of my support. To hear the same things over and over at every station break could drive one to plant some buckshot into a really nice flat screen. Just the local campaigns are enough to load my Remington. The ad with 100 marching men dressed in black with Chris Murphy's face photoshopped onto the bodies is just creepy!

As I watched several of the "Closing Argument" speeches made by each candidate throughout this weekend, it really showed to me what being elected to the office really means to each one.

President Obama called it himself this weekend. He is just a "prop" in the last days of this election. But when you get down to it, he has just been a prop his entire term.

He is a man who can not give a speech without having the words in front of him. Every time he "goes off prompter" the real man behind the curtain comes out. The real Obama! Even when he is reading the words written for him, his true self shows through in the negative tone. Friday, working off the prompter, he suggested that voting "should be for revenge". For what? I would say revenge for anyone who dares challenge his record! His word! His administration! Anyone who dares to try to take away his free ride!

I would dare say that our President would be unable to recite, from memory or heart, any of the words or verses to the National Anthem! The Pledge of Allegiance! God Bless America! or America the Beautiful! Much less the preamble  to the Constitution of the United States! But he can recite every word to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together"! Take the prompter away and the real Obama comes out.

If you really believe in what you stand for and what you say you will do for the people of this country, you will be able to state your case without any one or anything prompting the words in front of you. From the heart! And that takes me to Mitt Romney.

Romney has his notes with him at each speech. But have you seen the size of the paper? Watch him as he gives his speech. Very rarely does he look down at his bullet points. He knows his agenda. He knows what he wants to do. His tone is not a negative tone. Even when he brings up Obama's record, he still sounds positive. He sounds excited about the challenge of being President. He tells us we all should vote for the love of the country. He incites excitement instead of negativity. He speaks from the heart.

When you write your own speech and express your own agenda, you don't need help. That's conviction.

I don't support every single thing in Romney's agenda. But when it comes to the economy, and getting this country back to where it needs to be, he is the only one who shows real conviction to getting it done. The only one who is in it for the people and not for the title.

We don't need a "Prop" for President. We don't need a President who wants the office for "revenge". We need a President who will take responsibility for the office. Show it the respect it deserves and work for all of America.

For the love of the country, we need a man with real conviction who speaks from the heart.

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M Durkin November 06, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Mitt is a corporate leader who wanted the auto industry to go bankrupt before offering federal aid, but that would have meant a tremendous loss of jobs, no accountability for repayment of debt, and corporate leaders who would have kept their jobs would have received an eventual bailout to start over. Instead, Obama's plan offered financial assistance, saved jobs, and held corporate America accountable for repayment of its debts. As Mitt would do away with FEMA, I wonder how long it would take to send out RFP's to private companies and to review bids and choose contractors to handle crisis management. . .Mitt would secure SS for those currently receiving benefits but what about the Baby Boomers - since when has competition for benefits/products/services lowered prices (nice in theory, but competitive pricing hasn't trickled down for healthcare benefits, electric bills, cable services, or cell phone plans). Personally, I don't want to shop for senior benefits with a voucher. For those who don't like big government, you must not count on SS benefits, FEMA for crisis mgt, Veteran benefits, federal business loans, mortgage programs, or education loans. If you're wondering why privatization overall doesn't work, open the newspaper or watch t.v.'s "American Greed." You just might see a profile of Mitt on there some day. . .
R Lee Balderdash November 06, 2012 at 03:19 PM
"Revenge" means- "Americas chickens are coming home to roost"- as 0bamas mentor, Jeremiah Wright stated with different words. 9/11s every day until America is annhilated. Liberals Hate America.
Paul Proteus November 06, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Well that at least makes it a definte for me! Rev. Wright shouldn't be president!
T. R November 07, 2012 at 12:16 AM
Romney a stellar EXECUTIVE? Please, in my experience he is called a "CLOSER". He and his minions swoop in... spend...spend...spend, and then rape a company of their assets, and then close it down. He has no morals! His views on privatizing everything is going back to the time when the rich ruled everything and treated 'We The People" and the people who came here to become Americans, as dogs. His kind must go! We the People have evolved and we will not fall for his B*LL SH*T!
David November 07, 2012 at 01:16 PM
The best thing about this presidential election cycle is that it is over. Maybe our elected officials can focus on fiscal responsibility before they start preparing for the next election. .


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