Student Writer: Rachel Gentile

This second grader has learned to put a picture in her head, and in ours, when she writes.

This week’s featured writer: Rachel Gentile

School: Saint Stanislaus School

Age: 7

Grade: 2

Teacher: Mrs. Powers

What have you learned in school that makes you a better writer? When you sit down to write, it is important to think about what you want to write. This allows you to put a picture in your head of what you are writing about.

What is your favorite book? When I was little it was Who Wants a Dragon, now I love to read anything from the Magic Tree House series.

What do you like to do outside of school? I like to play outside on my playset and I like to play softball and basketball.

Rachel’s writing:

My Pet

I have a dog. She is a really good dog. When she was a puppy she was afraid of her shadow. That is why we call her Shadow. When I was a baby she always licked me on the face with a kiss. Now she is really old. I hug her now and kiss her too. She guards me when I sleep. She could go up and down the stairs quick, but now she is slow because she is old. Her favorite toy is a little horse that I dropped on my birthday, when I was a baby. She is 70 years in dog life, and in real life she is 7 years old. I love my dog!  


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