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I was born to parents who worked in a European circus. As a teenager, I ran away to Switzerland and enrolled in a private school. A weathy Uncle supported my educational goals. I immigrated to the US during the cold war years and received my PhD and MD degrees from two very liberal universities. I have accumlated  wealth over my 75 years by hard work and WITHOUT government handouts. (I repaid  my Uncle once I started working). I am a self made man who loves the values of America. Somehow... somewhere... those values have been trampled upon and disgarded by many. The sad part is that many who claim to defend these values and rights want to take them away from those who wish to exercise them.
At this stage of my life, I consider myself a  recantour and champion for the American way of life and the ideals for which it stands. I will continue to speak out to those who support a detrimental political agenda that will cause great harm to our great country and its hardworking citizens.
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